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2010 Was Good Year for George Steinbrenner to Die


By: Jim Dossey, MS, MBA, JD

Many people have heard of the infamous “death tax,” also known as the “estate tax.” Contrary to popular belief, the estate tax currently impacts very few people because in 2013, each person has a $5.25 Million exemption. In other words, unless your assets are greater than $5.25 Million, you will not pay estate tax.

In years past, the exemption was much lower, impacting a greater number of people. However, in 2010, the estate tax was completely abolished. The disappearance of the estate tax in 2010 created a unique “opportunity” for wealthy folks passing away during that year.

When George Steinbrenner, former owner of the NY Yankees, died in 2010, his estimated net worth exceeded $1.1 Billion. Because of the lack of estate tax, his death in 2010 saved his heirs between $500-$600 Million in tax.

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