Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights & Trade Secrets

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights & Trade Secrets in Woodlands,TX

Let Our Montgomery County Intellectual Property Attorneys Protect Your Business!

For an individual inventor, start-up, or small business, it is critical to protect intellectual property rights. By taking proactive steps to protect your ideas and intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, you ensure that you are able to capture the full value of your hard work.

At Dossey & Jones, PLLC, our Montgomery County business attorneys understand that you have devoted your time to inventing, developing, and marketing your products. Our firm is equally passionate about protecting your hard work and intellectual property against potential theft and competitors.

At our firm, we focus on helping clients with the following matters:

  • Patents—Provisional patents, utility patents, and design patents, infringement search
  • Trademarks and Service Marks—Registration, cease and desist letters, coexistence agreements
  • Copyrights—Legal right that grants a creator exclusive right to their original work
  • Trade Secrets—Non-disclosure agreements (NDA), confidentiality agreements, licensing
  • Website Review—Privacy policy, terms of use, terms and conditions, DMCA registration

How We Can Help You in Montgomery County, TX

Dossey & Jones can handle all of your intellectual property needs. Our legal team is equipped to handle matters involving patent prosecution, infringement decisions, trademark registration, licensing and more. We also provide counsel on patent and trademark acquisitions and sales, confidentiality agreements, and invention assignment agreements. No matter what type of concerns you have involving your intellectual property, you can trust your case to us.

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At Dossey & Jones, PLLC, we put our years of experience to work for our clients since our establishment in 1972. We have the highest level of experience and qualifications in intellectual property. Jim Dossey, a lawyer at Dossey & Jones, is a registered patent attorney, has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, a Masters of Science in Software Engineering, and a MBA from MIT. The success of your business will always be our main concern as we handle your case, whether you are looking to start a business, expand it, or execute an exit strategy.

Serving clients throughout Texas, including Montgomery County, Harris County, surrounding areas such as The Woodlands, Houston, Spring, Conroe, Huntsville, Tomball, and Montgomery.

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