Trade Secrets

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What is a Trade Secret?

A trade secret is a formula, design, process, practice, pattern, instrument, commercial method or a collection of information in one’s business used to gain advantage over competitors or customers. Trade secrets are an important aspect of a business, since the misappropriation of such sensitive information can negatively affect a company’s profits and reputation.

If you need assistance in trade secrets registration or enforcement, our Montgomery County business attorney understands the complexities of infringement cases to offer our clients extensive legal security against misappropriation in Texas. Since 1972, our firm has been successfully protecting the rights of our clients.

Trade Secret Protection

The Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act (UTSA) forbids the unauthorized acquisition, disclosure and use of trade secrets. For additional security, trade secrets are generally protected by nondisclosure agreements (NDAs). If your trade secrets are disclosed in violation of a signed agreement, you are capable of suing for breach of contract and recover compensation for any damages, as well as a issuing a court order to prevent further disclosure.

Additional benefits of nondisclosure agreements include:

  • Establishes a method for resolving disputes
  • Establishes what information is considered as confidential
  • Establishes which state’s laws will govern disputes
  • Guarantees that any disputes will be deliberated in your geographic area
  • Notifies the party receiving the information that it is confidential

Let Our Montgomery County Business Lawyer Help Your Company

At Dossey & Jones, PLLC, our dedicated representation includes comprehensive trade secret counseling. We are capable of properly and effectively advising your company about protecting your trade secrets, as well as your business.

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