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Ideas are born out of a creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Creating something out of nothing is no easy feat, and it takes quite a bit of planning and strategic use of resources to push your product or idea out onto the market.

Is My Idea Patent-Worthy?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is in charge of overseeing the patent process, deciding whether or not your idea, invention, or creation can be trademarked. We can provide you with the questions that USPTO will prompt when da product’s patentability. You can always refer to our knowledgeable Montgomery County business lawyers to answer the more in-depth, detailed questions.

Do these criteria apply to your situation?

  • The idea is worth the cost and time involved filing and retaining the patent.
  • You are the inventor or co-inventor of the product or idea.
  • You are the owner of the product or idea.
  • Your invention is useful and will provide benefits to others.
  • The invention is included in a category of already patentable ideas (not all ideas can be patented).
  • Your idea is “novel,” or, in other words, has not been made available to the public before you filed.
  • Your idea is “non-obvious.” The technology should not already exist and can be manufactured and maintained by the currently available skills in that particular industry.

As an inventor, you want to take every measure you can to ensure your product or creation is a success. Dossey & Jones, PLLC understands this. Knowing that the laws can be rather complex when it comes to patents and trademarks, we can help you coordinate the plans and ensure you have a strong, solid foundation for the future moving forward.

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