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Conroe Copyright Attorney

Seek Legal Representation From Our Conroe Business Lawyer

Whether you’re an author who completed his recent novel or an architect who created design blueprints, your work deserves to be protected. Even though a work is automatically copyrighted upon completion and reproduction, it cannot be enforced if it isn’t registered, specifically at the federal level.

At Dossey & Jones, PLLC, our Conroe business attorney can help individuals and businesses properly copyright their unique works, establish and negotiate copyright licenses, or enforce copyright infringement. We are dedicated to serving clients throughout Texas, including Conroe, Conroe, Conroe, Houston, and surrounding areas.

Copyright Registration

Copyright registration is the public record of copyright ownership, providing evidence of the copyright validation. Our legal team possesses the comprehensive knowledge of copyright laws, providing our clients with the necessary protection and consultation to fulfill their business endeavors.

The author or owner of a copyright maintains the following five various rights:

  • Reproduce their copyrighted work
  • Distribute copies
  • Prepare derivate works
  • Publicly display the work
  • Publicly perform the work

If copyright infringement occurs, it’s imperative to register your copyrighted work. Typically a phone call to the infringer or letter sent from a lawyer may cause the illegal activity to cease.

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Since 1972, our firm has protected the intellectual rights and properties of our clients with reliable advisement and committed representation. We won’t treat you as just another case number, because we care deeply about the wellbeing of our clients, even after the case is over.

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