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Can I Be Buried In My Car? YES, YOU CAN!

man reading papers

By: Jim Dossey, MS, MBA, JD

More than a few people have requested in their Last Will and Testament to be buried in their beloved car. In one instance, Sandra Ilene West, requested to be buried in her 1964 powder blue Ferrari America. Sandra's Will provided that her brother-in-law would receive $2MM if he followed her wishes, but only $10,000 if he did not. After a drug overdose in 1977, Sandra was buried as she requested at the wheel of her Ferrari, clad in her lace nightgown, and "slanted at a comfortable angle." Sandra (and the Ferrari)is buried at the Alamo Masonic Cemetery in San Antonio, TX.

Here is a picture of Sandra West and her Ferrari:

Sandra West and her Ferarri

In another case, a South Carolina man requested to be buried in his 1973 Catalina along with all of his guns. His family said they weren't surprised at all by the request, saying he was a "stylin' and profilin' kind of guy."

Here is a picture of the crane lowering the car into the grave:

car being lowererd into grave

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