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The Last Will and Testament of John F. Kennedy (And the Impact to His Purported Illegitimate Son with Marilyn Monroe)


At the time of Kennedy's death in 1963, the estimated value of his estate exceeded $1 Billion. Despite the immense size of the estate, JFK's Will is relatively simple and straight forward:

  • Specific bequest of $25k to his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy
  • The rest to be split in equal shares between
  • A trust set up for Jacqueline Kennedy, and
  • Trusts set up for his children
  • Any distribution to other heirs under the age of 21 will be in trust
  • Jacqueline Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Edward Kennedy were named Executors, to act jointly by majority vote

As an interesting side note, in 2009 John Fitzgerald Kennedy, claiming to be the illegitimate son of JFK and Marilyn Monroe, sued the Trustees of the trusts established for JFK's kids. In the suit, John Fitzgerald Kennedy claimed that the Trustees breached their fiduciary duty by not investigating his claim on the estate as a child of JFK. As proof of his lineage to JFK, John Fitzgerald Kennedy offered only a picture as proof, believing that it revealed his resemblance to JFK. In 2010, the US Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court judgment dismissing his claim. Evidently, at the time of JFK's death, "children" referred only to children born in lawful wedlock.


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