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4 Ways to Avoid Estate Litigation


Litigation following the death of a loved one is often difficult. When relatives go at each other’s throats over the inheritance, it can be a completely stressful situation. They may lose sight of the tragic loss they all suffered and destroy family ties in the process. So, how can you ensure that there isn’t any hostility over an estate?

The following are four ways to avoid estate litigation:

  • Communication. Establish what your intentions are to your heirs and how you want your estate to be appropriated. Even discuss your intentions with those who are left out, or write a letter of explanation.
  • Prepare estate documents. With the legal assistance of a reliable attorney, ensure that your wills and trusts are adequately drafted and customized to your personal conditions.
  • Regularly review and update your estate documents. Constant life changes may cause you to add or remove beneficiaries, especially if one of them passes away before you do. Also update the beneficiaries on your pensions, IRAs and life insurance.
  • Include division of personal property. Aside from the estate, personal property is another issue fought between family members, particularly ones with sentimental value. Leaving specific instructions in your trust or will can save loved ones from fighting over your possessions.

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