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3rd Annual 12 Days of Christmas


We kicked off the holiday season Monday with some old fashioned arts & crafts time! Our 3rd Annual 12 Days of Christmas theme this year is 12 Days of Value & Purpose. On each day we different activities planned.

1. Mon. Dec. 3: Let’s get into the holiday spirit and cheer; create your stocking, so we can hang them here!

2. Tues. Dec. 4: Don’t eat breakfast this day, our clients are our focus today.

3. Wed. Dec. 5: We’ve got to depend on each other per se, in a Christmas kinda way.

4. Thurs. Dec. 6: Share some positive energy and boost our office synergy!

Clients may also participate in this activity by adding compliments on index cards into the stocking of any employee.

5. Fri. Dec. 7: This Friday, we’ll be off by noon and be fellowshipping soon!

This is our firm’s Christmas Party. We will leave the office at noon.

6. Mon. Dec. 10: We all love to be sweet, come exchange your special cookie treat.

7. Tues. Dec. 11: Let’s do community service for good while providing some food for our neighborhood.

Clients may also donate cans to our Food Drive that starts on this day.

8. Wed. Dec. 12: Today, we will have a scavenger hunt, so bring your teamwork for this stunt!

9. Thurs. Dec. 13: Create a family atmosphere on this day; wear your PJ’s for a movie we will play!

10. Fri. Dec. 14: Be honest on what you pay, and have integrity for the White Elephant game today!

11. Mon. Dec 17: Be accountable with what you spend, take a few hours to shop for a friend.

12. Tues. Dec. 18: Show some humility and help others with a disability.

Our Firm will be volunteering at the Montgomery County Food Bank from 1-4pm

Clients are also welcome to donate Toys in our office to Toys for Tots. Toys for Tots will be picking up our donations at noon on Monday, December 17th.

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