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Whether you are starting a business or your business is growing, when you go through the process of hiring employees, making sure you have a clearly defined outline of expectations, salary, nondisclosure and termination is extremely important. A skilled Montgomery County business lawyer can help you draft employment contracts that fall well within the law and set expectations with your new hire.

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What Information Is In an Employment Contract?

Written employee contracts include information about what you, as the employer will expect from the employee. Below is a list of the information commonly included in an employment contract.

  • Job duties and responsibilities
  • Health benefits
  • Vacation leave
  • Sick time
  • Salary information
  • Grounds for termination
  • Company’s ownership of employee’s work product
  • Non-Competition, non-solicitation, and non-disparagement provisions
  • Confidentiality provisions

Why Create a Written Contract?

An employer wishing to create a written contract for their employees may wish to do so for many reasons. Overall, employment contracts give the employer more control over their employees leaving the business.

Cost of Training: A business may wish to create an employee contract if the cost of finding and training a replacement can be costly or time-consuming. For example, a business could create a contract in which the prospective employee would be locked in to working for that company for one or two years before they are able to leave without penalty. An employer could also set up an agreement stating that an employee has to provide at least 90-days’ notice before resigning.

Confidentiality: If a new hire will be exposed to confidential or sensitive information regarding an employer’s business, employers have the right to include certain confidentiality clauses within their employment contracts as a means to protect trade secrets. If a business has a concern that their employee might leave for a position with a competitor and take your business’s trade secrets, the employer also has a right to include a noncompete agreement in the employment contract. Noncompete agreements can prevent employees who have quit or been fired from working with a competitor for a certain amount of time, within a certain geographical area or both.

Highly Skilled Candidate: In addition to the above reasons, an employer may seek to create an employment contract to entice a highly skilled candidate to work with your company instead of your competitors. Generally, these employment contracts include job security benefits such as guaranteed employment for an allotted amount of time or bonuses for the candidate if they stay for a number of years after their hire date.

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