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Joint Ventures


Conroe Business Attorney

As a business, success can be viewed by the amount of growth you and your company have had since inception. When your company reaches the outer rim of its capacity for growth, you may start to consider what other options are available. Joint ventures are a great option for businesses looking to gain more resources, greater capacity for growth, increase their expertise or even gain access to new markets. If you and another company are considering a joint venture as your next step for growth, you should consider retaining a Conroe business lawyer to help you define a clear business objective and draft your joint venture agreements which are mutually beneficial and well within the law.

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Types of Joint Ventures

After choosing a business to act as your joint venture partner, you must then decide how you want to set up your joint venture. Both companies could set up a separate legal entity such as a corporation, partnership or LLC. This way all new business can be conducted through the new entity. If you are a small business teaming up with a larger one, you may choose to co-operate in one specific area. For example, if you were an up and coming toy maker you may team up with a well-known toy company to help sell your product. The important part of entering a joint venture agreement is that you enter one that works well for both you and your new business partner.

How We can help

When you hire our seasoned Conroe business attorney, you have the benefit of a knowledgeable legal team working in tandem with your business’s goals and objectives. We can help you establish clear, concise objectives so your joint venture partner understands what to expect out of your partnership. We can help define what each business is providing in the joint venture as well as set measurable goals and ideas of that success looks like for both companies.

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