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HIPAA Release

HIPAA Release & Authorization in Conroe, TX

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HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which is a federal law meant to protect patients’ privacy when receiving medical treatments. Hospitals and insurance companies are prohibited from sharing your information about your health care unless you give consent to do so. If they do share without your permission, then the companies may be liable and could face criminal penalties.

Allowing for HIPAA authorization goes hand in hand when you appoint a medical power of attorney. To discuss your case further, be sure to call our Conroe lawyers for legal advice. Our client-oriented approach means that your needs always come first.

Why Allow HIPAA Release?

When you have a medical power of attorney appointed, that person may also be given permission to share your medical information, though their powers are limited. They may only commence when the doctor declares you, as the principal, are no longer competent. Insurance companies may not be willing to part with your medical information to your agent if they do not have HIPAA authorization, for fear of facing hefty fines and the penalties.

HIPAA release affords the following rights:

  • Access to your medical records
  • Access to the records of a designated representative
  • Access to the medical records of your children or others whom you have legal guardianship

You have the right to revoke HIPAA authorization to your agent at any time. This must be done in writing and is effective as soon as the company whom you have given authorization to initially has received the document. As always, should you have any questions about your rights and confidentiality under the law, feel free to contact our Conroe estate planning attorneys at Dossey & Jones, PLLC.

To request your case evaluation, call our Conroe office at (281) 410-2792 or fill out our online form.


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