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One of the powers of attorney you may enact, a Directive to Physicians, also known as an advanced directive or living will, is a document that allows you, the principal, to declare what type of life sustaining medical care you would like to receive or not receive if you are no longer able to make medical decisions for yourself. A Directive to Physicians allows you to inform your doctor and family members if you would want to remain on artificial life support if your condition is irreversible or terminal, providing you peace of mind about your end of life treatment options.

Any person who is competent enough to make decisions can create a living will or a physician’s directive. You must have at least at least two witnesses.

These witnesses cannot be the following:

  • A beneficiary of your estate
  • Someone who has a claim on your estate
  • Someone who is related to you by blood or marriage
  • Someone who has already been chosen to make your medical decisions
  • An employee of the hospital, clinic, or health care facility
  • Someone who works with your physician
  • Is your attending physician

You may also sign the directive before a notary public if you cannot procure two witnesses. It begins as soon as you are considered a “qualified patient,” or otherwise have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and it has been certified by your doctor. You may also revoke the powers at any time, either in writing or by oral instruction to the physician. All of your directives will be included in your medical records.

We want you to have the confidence you need when faced with many of life’s critical decisions. Good planning now can ease the stress of the future. If you would like assistance or have additional questions about the Directive to Physicians, do not hesitate to contact Dossey & Jones, PLLC for guidance.

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