Business Entity Protection Plan

Protection Plans for Your Business Entity

The Woodlands & Montgomery County Business Lawyers

One of the most important things you can do as a business owner or corporate head is separating your own personal liability from your company’s. Otherwise, when your company is on the line for finances or alleged wrongdoing, it could damage your own assets, wellbeing, and reputation. As a means to further assist our clients in maintaining good standing in their industries and stay on the path to the best profitability, Dossey & Jones, PLLC is now offering a Business Entity Protection Plan (BEPP).

This service — which was carefully created by our highly experienced business and corporate attorneys in The Woodlands and Montgomery County — provides the highest level of assurance to our clients for their business entities. For each entity under our BEPP service, we will actively maintain your corporate documents, paperwork, and filings. The purpose is reducing the probability that you will be exposed to personal liability from or due to your business.

A Business Entity Protection Plan service includes:

  1. Registered Agency: An attorney will serve as a Registered Agent for your business entity, accepting all legal notices for the entity. We will bring everything to your attention in a timely manner and be ready to provide additional insight and guidance as needed.
  2. Keeping minutes: We will draft and send annual corporate minutes to you for your signature.
  3. Recordkeeping: By managing all of your corporate documents for your business entity and ensuring they are signed and executed properly, our attorneys allow you to free up valuable time for other projects.
  4. Easy-to-use web portal: You will have access to a personalized web portal for each business entity under a BEPP service. Using this web portal, you can securely access documents “on-the-fly,” right when you need them the most.
  5. Tax and status notifications: Our lawyers will send franchise tax and status notices to you as they are received, assisting you in maintaining active status for your entities.

The Business Entity Protection Plan is here to make your life easier as the owner of a business entity. You already have so much on your plate each day without worrying about legal concerns, cases, and complications. Using our BEPP, you can rest easy in knowing that your personal liability in such matters has been minimized under the care and direction of highly experienced business attorneys.

Call our The Woodlands and Montgomery County attorneys at (281) 410-2792 for more information. You can also email our law office, if preferred.


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