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VA Benefits in Montgomery County

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Millions of veterans and the surviving families of veterans who fell in the line of duty qualify for VA benefits, mainly to pay for assisting living care. However, many veterans are completely unaware of the full extent of their possible benefits and therefore do not utilize them. 

At Dossey & Jones, PLLC, our Conroe elder lawyers are here to help veterans discover all of their benefits granted through the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Reasons people choose to work with our law firm:

Do you think that you are missing out on some of your VA benefits? Statistically, you are probably correct. Why not contact our office today to discuss the matter further with our elder planning lawyers and see if you are missing out on anything important.

Disability or Pension Benefits?

The Veteran’s Benefits Administration offers two distinct forms of benefits to veterans:

  1. Disability and compensation: If a veteran is physically disabled due to an injury or complication that occurred due to active duty or military service, disability and compensation benefits can be granted. There are rarely any other prerequisites other than the fact that the veteran was hurt during military service.
  2. Pension: Veterans who suffer a disability unrelated to military service or active duty can collect numerous pension benefits. This type of benefit is more likely to be restricted by eligibility requirements and may have a benefits cap. It is still worth exploring your pension benefit options.

The requirements needed to collect pension benefits will vary between veterans, but there is a generalized requirement list that states the veteran must have:

  • Served 90 days or more
  • Served 1 day or more during a wartime period
  • Been discharged, excluding dishonorable discharge
  • “Low income”
  • “Minimal assets”
  • Permanent or total disability, or be over 65
  • Not caused their disability intentionally

Pension benefits can also be collected by the spouses of veterans who qualify or would have qualified. Our elder planning attorneys are equipped to assist spouses through this process as well. Furthermore, additional benefits may be possible to collect if the veteran claimant cannot leave his or her property to find or maintain gainful employment.

Get the Tools & Legal Help You Require

Figuring out your veteran benefits is a task that is best handled sooner than later. You do not want to find yourself in a tough financial situation only to realize you could have been collecting VA benefits all along.

Start figuring out what benefits you can use to your advantage to help you live comfortably in your golden years, or after suffering a permanent disability, by contacting our Conroe elder law attorneys now.

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